Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dunedin Central Library

My First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Dunedin City Library was the way it is divided into very visual layers that stand out and show where each floor sits. I found this interesting as it could almost be a stack of books sitting on top of one another. I can definitely see how it is counted as a modernist building of Dunedin. The straight horizontal lines that create the shape of the library stand out to me and the structure somehow feels complex but simple at the same time. Basic geometric shapes make up the whole building, which confirms the modernist approach.
When I first saw it I noticed it was quite large and sort of nestled around other buildings so could be passed easily without standing out. I feel like I wouldn’t actually guess it was a library straight away without the large sign. To me it is an appealing building; it feels tidy and the lines make it look crisp matched with the white and grey colours (though  originally it was just grey concrete but it has been partially painted). The red is a nice highlight colour but I’m not sure what the yellow and green corrugated iron covers on a few of the windows are for and why those colours have been chosen as they don’t fully seem to fit.
The red attic part at the top also caught my eye and interested me too, I am not sure what that part if for but it definitely adds another shape to the building and makes it a little more interesting rather than just having a flat roof.

Hannah Day

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