Sunday, 3 August 2014

Aquinas college

Sup fella's.

My first impression of the Aquinas college building reflects on the dominant structure at the top of Gladstone road. The large brick building features windows running along both sides with some breaks in the side of the structure with a glass protrusion that hangs out of the building. The roof is a flat with an arch which sits flush with the building. This doesn't communicate the modernist idea to me in how the roof arches, although you can see similarities in the way the Bauhaus roof was designed. Stairs breaks the grid at the front end. This was intended more for functionality and safety but also visually break the facade of the building. This is done with the stairs not fully climbing a level each way it goes and instead changes direction half way. This creates a new grid on the end on the building, which is a lot more interesting. I like how they have kept the original design for this. Reflecting on the building I like the original features that still stand on the building although I don’t believe the extinctions to the outside don’t give it justice.

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