Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tudor House

Located at 97 Filleul St it is not the most aesthetically pleasing building to look at but is a great example of and early attempt at a modernist building having been built in 1960. Unlike the larger commercial modernist buildings this is a two storied factory that produces clothing for school uniforms. Being in such a commercial spot I wondered if the exterior was created to mask the inside of the building itself creating a false identity in the facade of the building as I would not have guessed that there was a factory inside that building. 

My initial reaction to my building was that it was rather small, old and dirty looking. Although being small there is a definite grid like pattern and simplified exterior, the side and back of the building also shows no need for ornamental properties as it is painted concrete block and windows laid out in a grid like form. 

Overall due to the lack of information I am becoming more intrigued about my building and managed to get hold of the original plans which helped to show me that the exterior of the building has not changed since it's build in 1960. There is also a high possibility of it being demolished next year just shows it really is a building no one has paid much attention to.

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