Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Adams Building

My first impressions of the Adams Building revolved around a kind of sterile and minimal design. The concrete structure with uniform and slightly recessed windows provided me with an initial feeling of likeness towards the building. A stand out feature to me was the green colour highlights around the windows and roofing that contrasted with the otherwise very minimal features of the Adams building, such as the exterior concrete. The reasoning behind the green colour highlights is unknown to me and creates interest as to why there would be any vivid colour highlight on a minimal styled modernist building. Hopefully I can research more into this and come up with some findings on whether the green was painted on as a later addition to the building or rather part of the original structure as intended by the architect. The top two floors of the Adams Building, floors seven and eight, were new additions to the original structure added in 1996.Jesse Small

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