Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wellcome Institute of Medical Research

My first impression of the Wellcome Institute was that it is quite industrial and not very visually appealing. I generally do not like this style of building as I find they lack any ornamentation and character. The small windows and metal railings on the windows make it look like some sort of asylum which is not very inviting.

After studying it in more detail I found that the building does hold some charm, this being the bright green feature wall on one side which corresponds with a modern sculpture on the opposite end of the building. The sculpture is made up of geometric shapes and has used the same lime green as the feature wall. It contrasts dramatically against the plain concrete wall which has only a couple of small windows. These features may have been added at a later date but they add an intriguing element to an otherwise spartan building.

The Wellcome building is part of a block of buildings that are all used for medical studies and research. The exterior does reflect the buildings purpose, being very clinical looking.

An easily recognised modernist element predominantly used on this building is the horizontal banding seen in the rails outside of the windows. I think they add an interesting element to the building as they make the structure look linear and they almost imitate scaffolding, giving the building an unfinished look. Underneath the windows are painted squares which look almost Art Deco inspired and add an almost artistic touch to an otherwise very uniform looking building.

Hollie Beharrell 

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